RiverBend Recording Studio, Chicago IL
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    Just as musicians treasure their guitars, amps, keyboards, and drums to create their tone and sound, audio engineers also have their sonic instruments and tools to shape tone and bring color and life to audio.
    The sonic tools that audio engineers use to capture and shape sound include microphones, mic pre amplifiers, equalization, dynamics processors, and effects processors.

Analog Console
Daking   1112 Console 24 channels Mic pre/EQ/40 at mixdown
AEA   R84 Large Ribbon
AKG   C12B Tube
Beyer   M88 (2)
M160 Ribbon
Geffell   UMT-70
Neumann   U47 Wunder Audio
KM264 Tube (2)
KM84 (2)
Royer   R-121
SF-12 Stereo
Schoeps   M221B Tube (2)
Sennheiser   MD421 (2)


Microphone Pre-amplifiers and Equalisers
API   550b Equalisers (2)
550A Equaliser
Daking   mic preamp (24)
522708 4 band Equaliser(24)
Evil Twin   Active Tube Direct Box
Neve   1272 mic pre (2)
Dynamic Processors
API   525 Comp/Limiter
Daking   FETII Comp/Limiters (2)
SPL   De-esser
DBX   160VU (2)
Empirical Labs   Distressors (2) with Brit Mod and Stereo Link
Purple Audio MC77 (1176 STYLE COMP)
Urei  LA4 OPTICAL (2)
Effects Processors
Eventide   H3000 D/SE
Lexicon   PCM 96
Yamaha   ProR3
D5000 Digital Delay
Plugins   Anwida, Lexicon, PSP, RML Labs,
JMS Audio, Waves, and Drumagog
Digital Convesion
Mytek   Mytek 16 channels of A/D input
Mytek 24 channels of D/A output
Recording Software and Hardware
MCI   JH24 - 24 Track Analog Tape Recorder
Studer   A810 2 track mixdown tape recorder
RML LABS   The amazing SawStudio Software 72 channels
SoundCard   RME Hammerfall
Computer   Dawbox computer 2 gb ram
Adams Smith   ZETA III Synchronizer
Amplifiers and Speakers
Adam   S3A speakers
Dynaudio   BM15 speakers
Furman   HDS16 headphone cueing system
with three satellite mix stations
Other Available equipment
Amplifiers   Vox AC30
Traynor YBA-1
Line 6 Pod
Reeves Plexi
Fender (Trinity) Tweed Deluxe
Fender Black Face Tremoloux
Guitars   Epiphone Casino
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecasters(2)
Danoelectric Electric 12 string
Drum Kit   GMS
Gretsch, Pearl and other snares
Keyboards   Fatar keyboard Controller
JV1080 Module
Steinway Grand Piano **

**Steinway Grand must be booked 3 weeks in advance of sessions.
Client must pre-pay for tuning fees.

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