RiverBend Recording Studio, Chicago IL
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RiverBend News

    2011 Projects

    Phil Angotti A veteran and a household name in the power-pop musical world, especially in his hometown Chicago, Phil has another great album out People and Places. Check Phil out on our music player. Catch him around Chicago for a great night of music.

    Alaina Stacey and The Blisters Great young band - Alaina Stacey has a earthy country voice and the Blisters offer a perfect backdrop to the songs and vocals. New EP to be released soon.

    Eric Goldberg and the Musicians of Jugglers Rain Talented bunch of young musicians that bring their soundtrack for the play Juggler's Rain to CD.

    Ian Broeker with Grizzly Sweets Ian and Grizzly Sweets are favorites of the Red Line in Rogers Park. Great tunes in an acoustic rock backing.

    Get the benefits of Recording to tape: RiverBend Studio recently developed a quick and easy way for their clients to ge the the benefits of tape in this digital age. We track and overdub directly to tape. The signal from the tape then gets instantly trasferred to the Digital Work Station   This allows a seamless marriage of fat analog with the convenience of digital. If you want to see how big and warm your music can sound, then you owe it to your music and band to try this. Let's not forget that your music also gets the very best signal path by using ourfully discrete Class A Daking console. Warm, Puncy, never harsh.

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